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Our family owned and managed company Bebe Stars by Gilis manufactures a wide range of baby products for your baby’s care, handling and fun, earning a large percentage of the Greek market and abroad. In our complete catalog you will find strollers, baby walkers, cots, car seats, booster seats and high chairs, cribs, bicycles, baby dowries, kids furniture and more.

Our advantages over the competition are:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Security
  • Prices
  • Product Delivery Time

All of the above converge that our company Bebe Stars by Gilis is relentlessly pursuing excellence in the baby products market.


Quality and safety are Bebe Stars by Gilis biggest priority. While designing our products, we take safety measures into very serious account, acquiring the most stringent safety requirements applicable in European Community member states. Our quality is guaranteed and results from advanced technology and strict control over the line of production, ensuring that our products get certified with special quality marks:

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Modern designs and colors make our products unique!
Comfortable, practical and beautiful for demanding babies who want to stand out …

Thank you for the continues trust you’re showing to our company.
Bebe Stars by Gilis …you’ve made the best choice!

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