Set your little one free to explore the world with the Freedom 3 in 1 tricycle. Designed by Bebe Stars this 3 in 1 tricycle offers an enjoyable combination of comfort, safety and practicality. Watch as your child takes its first steps towards independence, guided by the unique features of the Freedom Tricycle.
It is suitable for children aged 1.5 – 5 years or up to 25 kgs.
The Freedom tricycle converts into a push bike, a kid’s trike and a balance bike. Its conversion is very easy and does not require any tools.
Detachable steering wheel for parents
Enjoy the freedom to guide and supervise your child’s adventures with the detachable steering wheel. The Freedom tricycle provides an effortless transition between parent-assisted rides and independent explorations. When needed, attach the steering wheel to easily maneuver the trike and detach it to encourage your child’s self-driving skills.
Foldable design to save space
We understand that modern families value flexibility and convenience. The Freedom tricycle has a space-saving folding design that allows you to easily store and transport it in the car, wherever you go.
Non-slip handles
The Freedom’s steering wheel has special non-slip grips, which help little hands hold the steering wheel. Your child will feel confident in its new tricycle.
Fixed foam tires
Solid spokeless tires are lightweight and safe for your little explorers. The wheels are made of puncture-resistant foam, which is also abrasion-resistant. Also, in case of rain, you can use the tricycle indoors as well, as the wheels do not wear down the floor.
Detachable pedals
We know it’s easy to lose little bits when you have kids. That’s why on the tricycle, its detachable pedals (to turn it into a balance bike or push bike) can be stored under the seat.
Bell for added fun
Let your child announce their presence with a happy ring of the bell. The Freedom tricycle features a playful bell, adding an element of joy and excitement to their journeys. This feature not only ensures safety by alerting others to their presence, but also enhances the overall experience, igniting a sense of adventure and freedom.
Cup holder
We understand the importance of keeping your child refreshed and hydrated during their adventures. The Freedom tricycle is equipped with a convenient cup holder, which allows your little one to enjoy their favorite drinks on the go.

European safety standards EN 71-1,2,3   CE