A comfortable and fun baby bouncer of Bebe Stars, where babies can relax and play with absolute comfort and safety, thanks to its smart shape and its extremely soft cushion that keeps their head stable.

– Includes a removable bar with soft and fun toys that stimulate touch and hearing skills in babies to ensure that they enjoy their first play eperience.
– The backrest of the seat is adjustable in many positions, so you can easily to customizer it either for play or for rest.
– The headrest is also adjustable so that its height can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort throughout all stages of your baby’s development.
– Can be used in “fixed” or in “rocking” position.
– Removable and washable fabrics.
– You can close it easily and takes up minimal space.
– Use by infants 0+ months up to 9 kg.

Approved according to the new European Safety Standards EN 71